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[Imaginearth® is being made a ‘convenient' and effective bold tool for speeding up

Earth’s Ecological Restoration and for making people’s overall wellbeing a top priority.

It is intended for imaginearth® to be structured to operate as a Charity Trust post-launch 

of instagami.com, whereupon the imaginearth.org website will be developed & deployed]


Are breathing ‘cost-free oxygen’

Are GENUINELY ‘unhappy’ with where planet Earth’s Ecosystem is heading, and

Are ready to consider a ‘Fail-Safe Solution', then

...Read on and see if imaginearth.org is you!!!

Have you ever thought of just how 'POWERFUL'  you are in the role of a ‘CONSUMER’  ?   That consumption begins with you and all of us …consumers!   That the ‘Economy’ of your country, my country, and everyone’s countries begins with and is dependent on us being consumers.   THAT LIKEWISE, profits made by any company and any business also begin with and is dependent on us being consumers  −  that the profits are made by you when you make your purchase.   That makes us very powerful!   That’s right  ‒ no matter what brand is consumed, the bread brand you buy and eat, and if you bake your own, the brand of the bread mix you buy; the milk brand you buy and drink, the shoe brand you buy and wear, the automobile brand you drive and the brand of the fuel you buy for it, the phone brand you buy and use, cigarettes, alcohol, the brands of everything you buy or rent and the brand of suppliers you buy or rent from –  it’s all CONSUMPTION’.   Our HUGE consumption of one brand makes that brand owner a very BIG company with very BIG profits indeed.

A well-known example of the power of consumption: Many small garage businesses have become large companies in the world  -  Apple Inc., for instance.   All the Apple consumers combined contributed to Apple’s huge successes and profits.   Yet, if nobody bought Apple products, we would not have heard of Apple again.   Consumers made Apple a household name! …that’s a mighty power at work: Consumption!

This follows the law of nature.   One drop of rain doesn’t make a flood or a waterfall, but as more and more rain drops gather together, more and more clouds gravitate together and combined they can flood vast areas of land before becoming an unstoppable torrent of relentless push of everything in its way to become the unlimited, spectacular, powerful, raging waterfall.   Companies depend on this combining and gathering together of consumers by forever advertising.  There are many famous brands out there (and now in your home), and each and every one of them was made famous by you, the consumers being ‘lured’ by hundreds of $billions worth of advertising.

Colloquially speaking, you are a drop of rain that with other drops of rain become a raging waterfall and force brands to become famous.   And you thought the famous brands were powerful companies …when all the time you are the powerful ones!  You create and sustain big companies every day, simply, unknowingly by your consumption.   Where do you buy your food, your automobile/truck fuel, which brands do you use?   Without your 'CONSUMPTION POWER'  those brands and businesses are worth zilch  –  they’d shut up shop, they wouldn’t exist.   This makes you and each of us an extremely powerful instrument in the economy of the world, an extremely potent drop of rain of unlimited power!

Has it also occurred to you yet that largely the ecosystem crisis/devastation in today’s world is in fact caused by our own 'combined consumption’?   On this THIS FACT ALONE I see a 10% donation of pre-tax corporate profits a reasonable proportion to ask from the brand owner as our 'COMBINED CONTRIBUTION'  to fixing up the mess that our 'COMBINED CONSUMPTION'   is causing to our air, lands, and oceans, while improving the quality of life to other living species (who themselves are unable to help the situation).

In the last millennium (1980’s), I went out ‘selling’ the idea to corporate businesses whereby they would donate 10% of their pre-tax profits to ecological restoration causes.   I failed in the attempt but not in my heart.  When in passing I mention that to Ray Finlayson (the Kalgoorlie Mayor then), he suggested something along the lines that I could always go and "find a product that people all over the world already consume by the truckloads, make it friendly to the planet, make it better, different and less expensive, give it a good name and get it known, and then put my money where my mouth is”: lead the way in donating 10% of my own corporate pre-tax profits towards our planet’s Ecological Restoration.

Well… I found the product, helped the inventor refine and patent it internationally, and now have a brand registered for it worldwide.  The brand is instagami® (a blend of the ‘instant’ and ‘origami’ words), an invention that presents a CREATIVE ALTERNATIVE’ to the greeting card you know in the market today.   Check out www.instagami.com for a pre-launch peek.

Per capita, ‘Down Under’ alone, the greeting card annual consumption rate is 22 cards per person, making Australia the fourth largest market for greeting cards in the world” (according to www.greetingcardassociation.com.au/about/more-about-greeting-card-industry).  At this rate, over 564 million cards are purchased annually by the 2020 population of 25,658,215. An equivalent of 64,438 cards per hour of every day of the year.

The greeting card world-industry is $Multi Billion, and is about 94% controlled by two USA-based companies.  If you are industry-skilled, you'd know that Australian consumers alone buy approximately $470M worth of traditional greeting card brands owned by these two foreign owned companies. AND… according to Pam Danziger of USA-based Unity Marketing, the greeting card market is begging for a ground-breaking innovation.

When a share of the world People’s ‘Consumption Power’ gets to buying the instagami® brand, instagami.com will crank up imaginearth®’s ‘FUND-BANK with a perpetual donation of not less than 10% of its pre-tax profits from worldwide sales of instagami® origami cards.   Then… I will have “put my money where my mouth is”.   With world’s corporate profits exceeding $9 trillion annually, soil-irrigation for fertility regeneration, and the ecosystem restoration-work possibilities of our combined 'CONSUMPTION POWER'  are indeed imaginable! ...AND DESERTS AND ARID SOILS WILL LOVE US ALL FOR IT!

Does ‘consumer power’ rings true to you?   If it does, let’s hurry and make it work.    The best time to start is NOW  −  let’s harness together as much of our 'consumption power’ as possible.

If you are a young child or young adult, you can only see it in the internet, movies, books, and print media.  If you are older like me… you already know the difference in our surroundings, in beaches, in rivers, in oceans, in extinct fish, plant and wildlife, and in people’s health and general well-being.   You can also check studies conducted by universities worldwide on life [the environment] of yesteryears for a comparison to today’s appalling mess.   Then… you can do a Back to the Future’ flip and see  for yourself how things are in the year 2100 if we keep on sitting on our ‘asses’ doing what we have been doing in the past: consuming more and enjoying the conveniences in life!   …in the meantime our ‘Consumption Power’ has remained a feature ignored by us in the ‘Economy’, as we continually ‘whinge’ and pass our ‘responsibility’ for ourselves [and for what we believe and want] onto other parties with 'self-interests'  that are not at all related to what we believe and want but which [the "other parties"] depend and thrive on.   GET IT?

Now, imagine… how children & generations in the future WILL feel if ‘cohesive action’ is taken today for bestowing on them a peaceful, sustainable and prosperous wonderful world forever more.

Imagine… how we would feel then when we see that the power [which made ecological restoration and eco-friendly activity projects a reality] was in fact inside each of us all the time.

Will you join in with the support of your ‘consumption power’ too?

Cheers & Thanks from 'Down Under' Australia.

Anthony Cross (anthony@imaginearth.org)

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